Vertical Integration

Expanding our horizons.

Vertical Integration is a management strategy that enables Kurt to provide our clients lower production costs by controlling more of the production line. To accomplish this, Kurt Manufacturing purchased two screw machine facilities, a precision gear manufacturing company and a die-casting company. Through these acquisitions, Kurt expanded into more divisions and increased ownership in the production line — allowing us to provide competitive prices and increase customer satisfaction.

Outside Process

If we’re unable to service a contract in-house, we have an extensive list of qualified vendors ready to quickly assist.

National & International Sourcing

To offer the most competitive pricing, Kurt sources components, manufacturing processes and BOM hardware from around the world, including China, India, Mexico and Europe. This flexibility allows our customers to order completely finished electro-mechanical assemblies.

Kurt Manufacturing believes in the financial and manufacturing efficiency benefits of combining individual parts into integrated assemblies whenever possible. Lower costs and easier-to-control specifications for outsourcing are just two of the advantages available to our customers.