Kurt Machining Increases Part Size Capabilities and Adds Capacity With New Mazak Vortex i-800V / 8

Kurt Machining is completing installation of our largest multi-tasking machining center to date from Mazak. The Vortex i-800V / 8 Multi-Tasking Machining Center expand our capabilities to machine parts up to 59″ in diameter, up to 63″ high and with a maximum weight of 6,614 lbs. This machine has 5-axis simultaneous machining capabilities allowing for parts to be completed in a single setup. This machine is perfect for complex large parts in the defense, aerospace and semiconductor industry.

This Mazak i-800V/8 includes a two pallet changer and provides unattended operation, allowing for off cycle part setup and reducing downtime.

Vortex i-800V / 8 Characteristics:

  • Handles parts up to 59″ in diameter and 63″ high
  • Spindle selection addresses various metal removal requirements
  • Tool storage capacities from 43 to 160 tools offer high flexibility
  • Two-pallet changer facilitates unattended machining
CapacityMaximum Workpiece Diameter59.060 in / 1500 mm
Maximum Workpiece Height59.060 in / 1500 mm
SpindleSpindle Taper50
Maximum Speed10,000 RPM
MagazineNumber of Tools43
Rotary AxesSpindle Tilt (B axis)150 Degrees
Table Indexing (C axis)360 Degrees
Feed AxesTravel (X Axis)66.93″
Travel (Y Axis)59.06″
Travel (Z Axis)45.28″