Vertical Integration

Vertical integration is commonly know has a management strategy to lower costs in production by controlling or owning more of the production line. Kurt Manufacturing has always believed in vertical integration and finding more ways to lower their costs. We started our vertical integration strategy by purchasing two screw machine facilities, a precision gear manufacturing company, and a die casting company. This expanded our company into more divisions and increased our ownership in the production line. This allows us to keep our prices competitive and our customers satisfied.

Outside Process

In the event we are not able to service a contract need in house, Kurt has an extensive list of qualified vendors ready to service our needs at a moments notice!

Both National and International Sourcing

To offer the most competitive pricing Kurt sources components and processes around the world. We have representatives servicing us in china, India, Mexico and Europe and continuing to expand our world reach for our turnkey manufacturing capabilities!

This flexibility allows our customers to order complete finished electro-mechanical assemblies. Our high quality program management provides customers with the best of outsourced and in-house manufacturing processes and BOM hardware. Kurt Manufacturing is well aware of the financial and manufacturing efficiency benefits of combining individual parts into integrated assemblies whenever possible. Lower costs and easier to control specifications for outsourcing are just two of the advantages available.

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