Kurt Increases Aluminum Impact Extrusion Capacity

Kurt Machining speeds small-batch impact extrusion in Pueblo, CO with a new and fully automated production line.

One of the lesser-known contract-services capabilities at Kurt Machining is impact extrusion. Impact extrusion is used in manufacturing to make products using high velocity and force. The process creates a custom mold or die.

Kurt has been doing contract impact work for over a decade now and occupies a niche in 500-to-500,000-piece production. The fully automated canister line operating at the Pueblo, CO facility is Kurt’s newest high-productivity installation. 

Kurt’s automated impact extrusion line uses a multi-step process. First, pucks are loaded into a Roto-Finish machine for a lubricant coating. After the initial lube coating, the pucks are sent on a conveyor into an impact machine for impacting the near net shape can. To meet higher volumes, an automated handling mechanism routes the cans into multiple lines that feed end-forming machines. The robot-fed machines trim the cans to the correct size and give them a lip roll and a mid-bulge. The fully formed cans are staged again and undergo quality inspection checks before entering the cleanroom. In the cleanroom, cans get tank washed and blown dry. A final visual inspection comes just before they are carefully boxed by a clean-room tech wearing protective gear to avoid any possible human contaminants. The resulting pieces are perfectly formed to specification.

For customers looking for engineering and design help for impacted parts, as well as a different experience than they get with a much larger impact manufacturer, Kurt is the ideal partner. For start-up companies and businesses transitioning into an impacted part, Kurt provides services on smaller jobs in specialty industries. Customers know that Kurt is their partner of choice who will go the extra mile for them. 

As one customer recently said, “Kurt has helped us keep our work under one roof and didn’t shy away from smaller 500- to 20,000-piece jobs.” This is made possible because Kurt offers in-house machine-tooling design, engineering, machining, heat-treating, and straightening, in addition to the initial impact extrusion. It’s this type of set up that makes another customer say, “Kurt has helped us in initial cost savings and saved us money on our project overall.” 

Kurt has years of engineering expertise in the aerospace and defense industries and understands the unique needs and concerns of those customers. Machining divisions in Pueblo, CO, and Minneapolis, MN, serve customers across multiple industries.

The Pueblo division has plans for growth over the next 5 years, with additional capacity for new impact-extrusion customers. If you like what you see, have a smaller job in the 500-to-500,000-piece range, and want to work with industry veterans, contact Kurt Machining today!

Learn more here or contact Chuck Remillard for a quote today at 763-572-1500.