Mar 9, 2004

DeltaHawk Diesel Engine

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DELTAHAWK Engines to be Built by Kurt Manufacturing Company 

DeltaHawk Engines LLC finalized an agreement with Kurt Manufacturing Company (, a nationally recognized leader in the manufacture of close tolerance, precision-machined parts and components for aerospace and other industries. 

The agreement joins the advanced technology of DeltaHawk Engines and the proven manufacturing capabilities of Kurt Manufacturing, a combination bringing DeltaHawk customers advanced design engines built to the highest technical standards. 

The engines will range from 150 to 200 plus horsepower, all operating on jet fuel rather than aviation gasoline.

Initially available to the Experimental Aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle markets in 2004, FAA certification is anticipated in 2005.

The agreement combines the advanced technology of DeltaHawk Heavy Fuel engines with the proven Aerospace manufacturing capabilities of Kurt Manufacturing Company.

Kurt has been manufacturing some parts for current DeltaHawk engines since October 2003, and will assume complete manufacturing and assembly responsibility by mid-summer 2004.  Kurt's experience and expertise are expected to facilitate the FAA certification process for DeltaHawk.

For more information, call 763-572-1500 or go to


Or write to, Kurt Manufacturing 5280 Main Street NE Minneapolis, Minnesota 55421. 

Marketing Contact Information;

Paul Carlsen 
Kurt Mfg 
5280 Main Street NE 
Minneapolis MN 55421 
Off: 763-572-4429

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