Jul 27, 2009

Kurt Manufacturing - Die Cast Division Pursues Automation Integration

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Minneapolis, MN - A leading die casting company in the United States since 1968, Kurt Manufacturing continues advancements in die cast automation and productivity.

Kurt recently installed and upgraded their manufacturing process with a state-of-the-art six-axis Fanuc M0710iC/50 SE FoundryPRO robot on their Prince 600 ton Die cast machine. 

The Fanuc robotic controller simultaneously operates an automated ladle, spray arm and extractor for increased productivity and decreased downtime.  Part production per day has increased by 50% and shot expenditures have decreased by 28%.  Additionally, the new system uses less lubricant and is more energy efficient making it more ecologically friendly.

The installation of this system is part of a long term strategy to continuously improve and automate the press area with the addition of four more of the Fanuc robot systems.  Robotic systems will be added to three additional Prince 600 ton machines and one Prince 800 ton machine.  All five systems are being installed by Kurt’s Engineered Systems Division.

“Whether you are looking to integrate robotics, gaging, workholding or all three, automation is the future of manufacturing.” said Jon Baller, Kurt Engineered System’s Engineer.  “Companies are looking to remain competitive in today’s marketplace and technology is key to reduce costs and increase productivity.”

Kurt Engineered Systems is an authorized FANUC Robotics integrator and provides standard and custom gaging and workholding systems.

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