Jul 27, 2009

Kurt Manufacturing Improves Leadtime, Quality, and Pricing with 2 Global Advantage CMM's

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Kurt Manufacturing Company announces the addition of 2 Global Advantage Flexible Gauging Systems; The Brown and Sharp models 12.15.10 and 12.22.15. These flexible gauging systems will allow for up to 75% through put improvement.

The Global Advantage is the most advanced CMM available today. The Global Advantage CMM provides the combined performance of accuracy and speed with top acceleration of up to 4.3m/s2, for maximum measuring throughput. Each CMM is equipped with advanced multi-sensor compatible controllers and automatic thermal compensation. The PC-DMIS CAD ++ Software allows for model making, die adjustments, process troubleshooting and failure analysis. It incorporates a scanning function that will allow Kurt to accurately measure complex shapes of parts and assemblies. All of these features will equate to additional cost savings and decreased lead time for Kurt’s customer base. 

  • Multiple Part Stations
  • Large Capacity 47” X 59” x 39”
  • Model to Part, Part to Model Inspection.
  • Up to 16 inch probe depth
  • 3-D Model Scanning
  • Tricision Bridge with Dovetail Guide Way for precise measurements and unparallel speeds.

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