Dec 21, 2005

Kurt Manufacturing Featured in Lycoming's Lycorama Supplier Spotlight

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Kurt Manufacturing Supplier Spotlight Lycorama 05

-Williamsport, PA-

Vol. 17 No. 9 November/December 2005

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Kurt Manufacturing has produced Lycoming’s six-cylinder, pony, 71 series four-cylinder, and eight-cylinder crankcases since 1996 in their Minneapolis, Minnesota facility.

Kurt’s management team, along with Lycoming inspectors, quality, and engineering staff, have worked very hard this year to improve quality and delivery. The focus has been on several fronts, including process control and improved workmanship at Kurt as well as correcting a variety of issues caused by poor quality castings.

Lycoming and Kurt are focused on resolving the aforementioned casting issues by early 2006. Kurt continues to work internally and is cooperation with Lycoming (there is an active 6 sigma project focused on visual no-conformances) to resolve the reaming quality and delivery issues and is committed to becoming one of our top suppliers in 2006.

Kurt Manufacturing is a full-service manufacturer of aircraft quality precision machined parts and assemblies. Founded in 1946 by Kurt Kuban they remain a family owned business. With six divisions nationwide (4 in Minnesota, 1 in Nebraska, and 1 in Colorado) and over 500,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, their total employment today is approaching 500 people. Projected revenues for 2005 are nearly $100 Million.

Kurt is ISO 9001 certified, NADCAP accredited, and boasts an impressive customer list that includes Lycoming, Textron Systems, General Dynamics, Boeing, Raytheon, John Deere, General Motors, and General Electric.

Target markets include aerospace, defense, automotive, oil, medical, and agricultural. Aside from aircraft component machining, Kurt product offerings include machined weldments, metal finishing, die-casting, precision gage manufacturing, and comprehensive engineering services. They also have in house capabilities for heat-treating and cleanroom assembly.

Kurt has demonstrated that they value Lycoming’s business and will do whatever is necessary to satisfy our requirements by providing us with high-quality parts. Both Lycoming and Kurt look to 2006 with high expectations for growth and innovative solutions. 

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